I decided to found Noushka Design as I was bored of seeing uninspiring interiors. Interiors that were lifeless, that were dull, and that didn’t tell a story. I often use fashion as a parallel when it comes to explaining my philosophy on interior design. You should dress your house, like you dress yourself. I rarely see anyone going out top to toe in grey cotton, without an accessory or even a handbag. I believe that what you wear speaks volumes about your personality, your individuality and your sense of style. I believe your interior should do the same.

Another reason for setting up Noushka Design was to break down some of the stigma. Interior design is one of those phrases that automatically creates a sense snobbery, of exclusivity, and the common misconception that it’s purely for the rich, famous or wealthy. Interior design is not something that should be class related or wealth related. It is something that should be accessible for everyone.

Below is some of my work which I hope you enjoy!